MoVi mounted with the Secure Wi-Fi module
protects people around the world from
wireless threats.
Keep your wireless network safe with AtEar,
the portable wireless security solution, a
paradigm shift of wireless security.
The new concept security vaccine IoTCare
keeps your wireless IoT device safe anywhere.

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Sharing mobility is vulnerable to hacking [KBS]

Published: Nov. 15th, 2019 The so-called ‘mobility sharing’ has become routine, with the control of power-kickboards and vehicles on mobile phones. In order to use these services, you need to provide sensitive personal information, such as credit card numbers, to your business, so is there any risk of hacking? Sohn…

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Wireless Network & IoT Security Technology of NORMA

AtEar, Wireless Network Security Solution

AtEar is the business integrated analytics solution for wireless network that observes the enhanced wireless regulations easily and systematically. It helps manage your wireless network safely through vulnerability analysis and checkup technologies of automated wireless system. Realize wireless security easily with mobile version solution and Cloud.

IoTCare, a New Concept of IoT Security Vaccine

Now the age of IoT that allows all the devices around us to be connected to the network has come but the IoT security problem is getting more serious. The attack of 500,000 IoT Botnets infected with Mirai code is no more a matter of a few. Security must be practiced from all areas where wireless internet environment is established and IoT device is utilized, that is, general home users. Norma provides a new concept IoT security vaccine applicable generally in the IoT era.

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