Summary of WPA2 KRACK vulnerabilities

According to security researcher Mathy Vanhoef of Leuvern University, the “WPA2 Key Reinstallation Vulnerabilities (KRACK) Explained” vulnerability can render WPA2’s powerful encryption function obsolete. As a sort of Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack, the KRACK vulnerability can intercept encrypted data between an AP and a station without having to access the AP. It allows theft of all information traversing a network such as credit card information, passwords, chatting messages, and e-mail.

Summary of vulnerabilities of Blueborne

  Overview As many as 8 zero-day vulnerabilities using short-range wireless communication technology have been recently identified in the Bluetooth protocol. These vulnerabilities affect 5.3 billion devices that utilize Android, iOS, Windwos, Linux, as well as devices utilizing the Internet. In the event of a ‘BlueBorne’ attack which takes advantage of the recently discovered vulnerabilities,…