Blockchain that Faces Various Threats

Blockchain is frequently portrayed as an ultimately secure and reliable solution in many industries, including money transaction.
However, blockchain is also facing various threats as we see hacking attack cases of exchange and cryptocurrency wallet.

Norma's Integrated Cryptocurrency Security Service

Norma provides an integrated cryptocurrency security service based on Norma’s own technology,
know-how and database accumulated in the field of wireless network and IoT security.
By cooperating with domestic and international security experts, Norma’s cryptocurrency security service is more sophisticated and powerful.
It comprehensively secures all stages of financial transactions including network, devices and applications.

NORMA’s Blockchain Security Service

Norma identifies vulnerabilities and provides not only a customized security solution,
but also a cryptographic financial fraud prevention system through security consulting
and inspection of cryptocurrency companies and exchanges.

Minimize Losses due to Cyber Threats

We analyze factors of cryptocurrency transaction threats based on STRIDE* and
comprehensively assess the security of exchanges by inspecting network security,
authentication and authorization, encryption, and system security issues.

STRIDE*: A model of threats developed by Praerit Garg and Loren Kohnfelder at Microsoft for identifying computer security threats. It provides a mnemonic for security threats in six categories (Spoofing of user identity, Tampering, Repudiation, Information disclosure (privacy breach or data leak), Denial of service (D.o.S), Elevation of privilege).

Acquire User’s Trust in Cryptocurrency Transaction

We prevent threats in all transactions of cryptocurrency trading by providing
an integrated security module. Through verifying the security of endpoint and
connected network from pre-communication stage with the exchange, we protect
both end users and exchanges and secure trusts.

Prevent Malicious Manipulation and Financial Fraud

We monitor and analyze transaction status in real-time based on the threat information database and provide hacking alarm system. Also, we prevent remittance mistakes and coin laundering by pre-trade verification procedures and share the latest threat information by building a community of security personnel.

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