Q. Where and how can I use opensource version of NORMA’s wireless security solution AtEar?

Opensource version of AtEar is for individual users or enterprises.
The only thing you need to have for this solution is wireless LAN dongle that is applicable to AtEar because we offers it free!

Q. How can I download opensource version of AtEar?

You can download it by clicking ‘Download’ button in [Product]-[AtEar] menu’s bottom of the page

Q. How can I get demo version of AtEar?

You can ask it by clicking ‘Contact’ button in [Product]-[AtEar] menu’sDEMO product of bottom of the page.
If you inquire demo version, we will issue demo license that you can utilize AtEar Mobile about for a month.
If you want to use full version of it, please contact us by clicking contact menu of FULL VERSION.

Q. Is there special technical supporting procedure of AtEar opensource?

There is no technical supporting for AtEar opensource.
Opensource might have different package supporting according to the Linux Version.
Please proceed it about the Linux Version that you have.

Q. Is it possible to get supported technically for AtEar demo?

In case of demo, We can partly provide technical support only to ‘AtEar Mobile’.
The support period is limited.

Q. How does NORMA secure the Internet of Things(IoT)?

NORMA performs security vulnerability inspection for IoT devices connected to the network by providing a new concept of IoT vaccine product ‘IoTCare‘, and ‘IoT inspecting service‘.

Q. Where and how is IoTCare mainly used?

Now it improves security level by being mounted to commercialized IoT devices
including set-top box if normal users utilize IoT devices.

Q. I would like to know more about NORMA's IoT security services. How can I contact you?

Click [PRODUCTS]-[IoTCare] menu in NORMA homepage and contact us through ‘Contact’ button below