Norma provides Green Wi-Fi Service against attack on rapidly changing wireless vulnerability

Norma examines various wireless devices and threats and provides DB to classify wireless equipment in terms of WIPS.

Customizing support of wireless environment system after consulting
Sense wireless security threat status with regular updates
Develop wireless security system after consulting
Vulnerability Information Service
  • Wireless LAN controller vulnerability
  • Wireless router vulnerability
  • Wireless AP vulnerability
  • Android, iPhone vulnerability
  • Etc.
MAC DB Service
  • Generally used AP MAC
  • Mobile MAC
  • Egg MAC
  • Hacking device MAC
  • Etc.
Hacking Information Service
  • Wireless hacking scenario
  • Wireless hacking process
  • Wireless hacking pattern
Guideline for new vulnerabilities
  • Offer information of newly reported vulnerabilities
  • Offer SSID Information