Smart Home
Security Solution

IoT Care Air-Line

There is a growing need for solutions that converge and secure numerous
smart devices and networks.
The Information and Communication Network Act,
mandating smart device security, is under revision and the IoT security certification system is also being implemented.

Norma’s smart home security solution, ‘IoT Care Air-Line’ is
a genuine security solution for the smart environment at home, or
office with its core function of​​ vulnerability checkup.

Security Threat on Smart Home Environment

IoT Care Air-Line

Deployment map

IoT Care Line Key Features

IoT Care Line
Smart Switch​

Smart device convergence security

  • Smart devices / wired and wireless network vulnerability analysis
  • Real-time threat detection, hacking attack defense
  • Definite network separation for smart networks​
  • Blockage of ransomware spread and the source of DoS​
  • Access control to internal network of unauthorized devices and NAT equipment​
  • Proactive vulnerability check on the threats without deep packet inspection
  • Device classification and behavioral pattern analysis by machine learning technology

Intuitive monitoring

  • Solution to the security and visibility issues of increasing smart devices and networks​
  • Monitoring switches, smart devices, traffic status, etc.​
  • Cloud-based installation and management

IoT Care Air Key Features

IoT Care Air
Smart Router​

Threat analysis and hacking prevention

  • Various security threat analysis and hacking prevention functions
  • Protection of personal information and prevention of damage in advance not by a packet inspection method, but by a smart device vulnerability inspection
  • WLAN function, firewall, VPN, QoS, etc. supported​​​

The latest and versatile router

  • WiFi6 (IEEE 802.11ax) and WPA3 supported
  • HD video, online games and more at AX3000 data speed Provision of high-quality network applications
  • AI machine learning-based smart device classification and behavior pattern analysis​​

IoT Care Central Manager function


Big data buildups on
smart device users​

Provision of control &
security application​​​

Secured smart device visibility
by intuitive monitoring​​

IoT Care Air-Line Applicable Fields