There has been frequent IoT related security accidents.
It starts from the wireless sharer infected with malignant codes.

Importance of IoT Security

Gartner said in 2002 that 26billion things will be connected and create a market of about USD 1.9trillion. However, if one IoT device and platform is vulnerable to attack, it also means that tens, thousands, and tens of thousand of things or platforms can have bad effects.
IoT Security tests vulnerability of commercial products or IoT devices under development and verifies equipment vulnerability and assesses potential marketability.

NORMA IoT Security Check Service

Norma implements customized IoT security consulting service considering individual details
including field, device, and communication environment.
Norma provides security check and methodology in terms of IoT infra and IoT device.

IoT Infrastructure Security

Norma composes optimized environment, selects testbed check tools to be used, and
implements work based on the security guide of IoT device.
Norma also draws detailed checklists by item that makes up of IoT infra environment and
selects the optimal check tools to provide the complete on-site check services.

IoT Device Security

Norma collects IoT information on past and present vulnerability, application protocol, user
service, and features of IoT device introduced in many areas, and connects it to IoT security
testbed and additional test environment to provide systematic IoT vulnerability checks.

IoT Inspection Methodology

Norma’s IoT check manual reflects the items identified through domestic and overseas case analysis of IoT checks and tests and the previous IoT vulnerability guide at the draft stage.
Later, the final version of IoT check manual is produced based on the issues actually occurred.

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