AI-driven IoT Security Solution
for Business

Norma's IoT Care is an AI machine learning based
IoT security solution for your business.

It is a solution that secures various IoT devices such as
AP, CCTV, POS terminal and unmanned kiosk connected to the
network in the store and protects the security of the customers
as well as the security of the store by preventing the threat
of the network.

IoT Care’s Key Features

  • Network safety check
  • AI machine learning based device
    recognition, classification
  • CVE check on connected devices
  • Blocking access to unauthorized
    IoT devices
  • Blocking access to dangerous
    IoT devices
  • Notifying after detecting IoT malicious
  • Notifying after detecting MITM attacks
    (ARP/DNS/SSL Strip)

IoT Care performs pre-vulnerability checks on threats without deep packet inspection,
so you can minimize the damage caused by hacking while protecting your personal information.

Particularly, using machine learning technology, device recognition and behavior pattern analysis are accurate, fast and effective.

IoT Care System Diagram

Data Collection
  • Collecting device information
  • Collecting recent vulnerability
  • Collecting known vulnerability
AI Analysis System
Security Sensor
Remote Device (APP)
  • AI Analysis System : Providing security risk inspection methods by identifying IoT devices
  • Security Sensor : Verifying security risks through real-time threat monitoring & blocking
  • Remote Device : Security sensor remote control and result report (APP)

IoT Care’s Intelligent Device Detection, Classification and Inspection

IoT Care targets and detects and classifies devices with vulnerabilities and threats
in the IoT network as machine learning, making them
more accurate, faster, and more responsive to the latest hacking scenarios.

IoT Care Affiliate Business

Telecom Operators
Embedded business IoT system
Infrastructure – Device – Network
Convenient and secure management
IoT Manufacturers
IoT devices are mounted in modules
to ensure security from manufacturing
Smart City, Smart Factory
Integrated IoT control or control center
to prevent large-scale cybercrime

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