Security threats in the IoT era are directly related to the daily life, property, and life of everyone.
They cause various domestic crimes including IP camera hacking beyond network security accidents
such as DDoS, and threaten life by hacking into medical devices.
IoTCare is an IoT device mounted with a security module.
It is a new concept IoT vaccine responsible for IoT security in a wide range of smart industrial areas.

Connected Car

It is mounted on an automobile in a black box type and secures wireless communication
areas including ECU, Wi-Fi in IVI area, and Bluetooth.


Embedded in wearable devices, it prevents release and fabrication of personal
health data and provides highly reliable healthcare service.

Smart Building

As an AP module inside smart buildings, it improves IoT security at home
and company.

Smart Communication

Embedded in mobile devices, it easily manages the present state of IoT security at home and
company anywhere.

IoTCare for Smart Home Security

IoTCare is applied in the form of software to all IoT devices.
We will provide safe services with embedded security on all stages
from IoT device manufacture to operation and follow-up service.

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