Convergence security through CCTV in IoT era starts
from analysis of 3 factors:
Individual’s Face, Behavior, and IoT Device
IoTEye is a device that is not only complementing previous CCTV function,
but also taking charge of security for CCTV connected to network

Device Detection

IoTEye checks devices through device identification code and abnormal signs like hacking threats.

Convenient Image Verification

IoTEye looks up easily some part of image that reflects specific event occurs
because CCTV image data and IoT identification code work together.

Security Function

IoTEye notify users and security company by alarming immediately in the situation that IoT device of potential suspect registered in blacklist is recognized.

Integrated Analysis Server

IoTEye offers integrated reports and utilizes integrated analysis server function in real-time through cloud service.

Potential Utilization Field

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