Wireless Security Consulting of NORMA

Due to the recent rapid increase in use of smart device and wireless network, the number of damage cases caused by wireless
network hacking is increasing sharply.
As a result, Norma performs wireless vulnerability control service to examine and improve wireless network security system
completely with the nation's first wireless security technology and expertise.

Innovation of NORMA Consulting Service

Firstly, we have knowhow of AtEar, the global wireless vulnerability control solution.
Secondly, we can identify the present state of wireless device more accurately through our Wi-Fi device automatic classification technology.
Furthermore, Our experts with international wireless security licenses including CWNA and CWSP guarantee an accurate check.
Lastly, we have simulated hacking knowhow via wireless and smartphone.

Grasping Network Status of Clients
  • Grasp configuration of wireless network
  • Configuration of wired network connection
  • Wireless network’s equipment information and location of installation
  • Wireless network users’ device information
  • Inspection of security policy that is set now
Monitoring by Sites
  • Site Survey
  • Check whether registered AP works or not
  • Check clients that is using AP
  • Check whether there is any unregistered AP
  • Check whether there is any Hotspot / Ad-Hoc network
  • Measure monitoring capability from 24 hours to a week
  • Grasp connection status by traffic and AP
  • Grasp wireless network status when Burst
Penetration Testing
  • Try hacking such as penetration testing
  • Attack directly AP
  • Attack directly clients
  • Try wiretapping on wireless network
Classifying Risk Level
  • Qualifying risks that is known now
  • Degree of exposure, easy of approach, and degree of risk about existent vulnerability
  • Qualifying by considering various factors like easy of attack
Security Policy Suggestion
  • Analyze vulnerabilities of security policy applied now
  • Analyze requirements by security level
  • Suggest security policies reflecting user’s environment and requirements
  • Suggest implementable solutions and methods
  • Suggest management method according to the new security policy application
Providing Results
  • Consulting result reporting
  • Analyze the current state
  • Analyze vulnerability through pen-testing
  • Evaluate degree of risk for current status
  • Suggest security policy and implementation plan
  • Attach pen-testing and its result