How safe is your company on wireless network security?
It might be possible that your important information is leaking through wireless network now.
AtEar provides the integrated solution to manage your wireless network safely.

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    Checking Wireless Network Status

    • Classify AP and STATION’s type / model name
    • Classify authorized / unauthorized device

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    Tracking Unauthrized AP

    • Help find and remove unauthorized AP,
      the most serious issue in wireless security.

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    Complement Blind Spots of WIPS

    • Manage general wireless network security state in
      blind spots where WIPS has limits to cover.

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    • Use drones to identify status of broad network and simulate hacking
    • Build a sensor-based constant response system against security threats

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    Penetration Testing

    • Check threats of Key Cracking, Fake AP, MITM, and
      firmware vulnerability by network penetration-testing

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    Detecting Wireless Threats

    • Detect not only previous attack patterns including Key Cracking,
      MITM, and Fake AP but also more sophisticated new wireless
      attacks such as fluxion and krack

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    Integrated Analysis Report

    • Provides a report that has wireless check knowhow and manages
      wireless network en bloc through server or Cloud service

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    Consistent Management

    • Manages wireless network security continuously
      through corporate servers or Cloud service

AtEar Your Wireless Network Secuirty Tool

Scan Function

“Grasp Wireless Network
Status Using Device
Classification Technology”

Check the correlation between
AP and device and AP and station, and type and model of AP device.

  • Identifying AP installation status
    Authorized, Unauthorized)
  • Identifying device status
    Authorized, Unauthorized)
  • Check AP’s risk level
    based on policies

Detection of Threats

“Detect and Analyze
Wireless Attacks”

Check wireless Key Cracking,
wireless DoS attack, similar AP,
Fake AP, and MITM attack.

It detects internally
generated wireless network
attacks and notifies users.
Also, it helps check the
repetition rate of each
attack and analyze the cause.

Penetration Testing

“Perform a Thorough
Wireless Network Inspection”

AtEar helps a non-expert
easily conduct wireless
simulation hacking at the
expert-level, enabling the
precise diagnosis of the
wireless network

  • Firmware version of
    wireless AP
  • AP password safety level
  • Internal information
    leakage by unauthorized
    AP user and content


“Reporting of detection
history of vulnerability
and changes of
wireless network”

Because it can create and
save a report of collected
data and compare it with the
past check record, it can
identify problems periodically,
and integrate and analyze
many check points efficiently.


Wireless Scanning

Ad-hoc, Station, AP, Soft AP

Wireless Pentesting


Network Information Gathering

IP, Connected Host Info

Fake AP

Google, Facebook, Twitter Phishing Site


Wireless Intrusion Detection System

Network Pentesting

Protect from Service Brute Force Attack


Includes All Open Source Features +

AP Filtering

Black List AP, White List AP

AP DoS Attack

Sending Deauthentication Packet To All Station

ARP Spoofing

ARP Spoofing & Packet Analyzer

AP Firmware Database

Providing the latest AP Firmware DB

Project Management

Some project management capabilities


Includes all features of
Open Source and Demo version +

A Range of Analysis through Server

Comprehensive Analysis for
Different Spots by Server


Manage Wireless Network and
Checking the Current Status by Using Drone


Support Devices Detecting Blacklist AP


Provide reports and statistic data
linked with the wireless state.

Complement WIPS

Check Blind Spots of WIPS

Support Hardware