Secure Wi-Fi

“I want to use Wi-Fi safely”

Somone who you don’t know can use your
Wi-Fi and intentionally approach to steal
your information anytime.
If you are in a wireless attack while you are
connected to wireless network, it notifies
users of the attack and blocks wireless
network via ARP Spoofing and DNS
detection technology to protect users from
the hacking attack.

Device Scan

“I want to check all the devices connected
to my router”

Device scan function checks Firmware
vulnerability of the sharer that you are
connected to and shows the
information of all the devices connected
to prepare to the hacking attack in


“ I want to receive the URL test
messages safely.”

If URL is in the text messages, none is
safe from smishing. MoVi smishing
checks the website of unknown
messages via ‘URL preview’ function
and finds if the URL fits the message
contents beforehand.

Google Play Store

Scan Device

Memory Cleanup

Wi-Fi Security

Smishing Attempt Detection

ARP Spoofing Detection & Blocking

DNS Spoofing Detection & Blocking

Detect Wi-Fi Roaming

Detect ARP Poisoning Attack


Malignant APP Detecting & Blocking

Smartphone Rooting Detection

Block Camera Function

Deletion of Screenshots and Photo Files

Blocking of Sound Recording Functions

Blocking of Uninstallatino of Specific APPs


Manage Integrated Server